Wendy Williams Accused of Throwing Water at Man Who's Allegedly Having Marijuana on Plane

A man takes to his Instagram account to accuse the TV personality of trying to get him in jail as she 'aggressively' points out that he smells like weed while they are in the same plane.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams apparently had a not-so pleasant experience during her recent flight. A man took to social media to put the famed TV host on blast for allegedly trying to get him arrested because he smelled like marijuana while on an airplane.

In a video, which was obtained by Onsite, the man filmed Wendy sitting down inside the plane. The TV personality was seen wearing large sunglasses and a blue denim jacket while completing her syle with a pink outfit. "Wendy Williams YOU HOT. TYRNA GET ME LOCKED," the man wrote over the clip. "WENDY WILLIAMS SAID I SMELL LIKE MAD WEED SMH B***H!!"

Later in the video, Wendy was seen being wheeled out as she exited the restroom. Explaining the situation, the man wrote, "Should violate @wendyshow she in my section saying ya bag smells like hella weed it's right there and pointing... aggressively not even being cute w/ it like she didn't know it was legal to fly #whereishumanity I will no longer watch ya show w/ my moms."

The man also alleged that Wendy tried to throw water at him. "Wendy Williams, you stupid b***h. You're going to throw water on me? With your little bum a** security! Alright, bet. Watch this. Watch this," he wrote.

Upon learning the drama, some Internet users trolled Wendy, who previously opened up about her addiction. "Don't she do coke? Why she telling on people about weed," a person commented. "she worried about weed, but was she snitching when she was buying and doing crack ?" someone else said.

However, some people didn't really believe the man. "Hmmmm looks like she was just riding minding her business," one person expressed doubt on the man's claims. "I don't think this true at all he just wanted some fame," another user similarly wrote.

Wendy, meanwhile, has yet to respond to the allegations.

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