'The Bachelorette' Alum Mike Planeta Admits to Having 'Oral Sex' Despite Avoiding Pre-Marital Sex

Although he is a virgin, the 31-year-old former reality star confesses that he is such an 'extremely sexual' person who fights against his desire for sex every single day.

AceShowbiz - Mike Planeta has dropped a major bombshell about his sexual experience. Despite his choice to remain a virgin until marriage, the former contestant of "The Bachelorette" admitted that he has had "oral sex."

The 31-year-old hunk made the honest confession when speaking to Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo in the Tuesday, July 20 episode of "Talking It Out" podcast. "I am not some perfect little, like, you know, golden boy. Dude, I am a very flawed human being. Like, I am extremely flawed," he first claimed.

Planeta, who got eliminated from the dating series after his first one-on-one date with Katie Thurston, then divulged that he has done some things in bed. "And I've said this, I've talked with [Thurston] about this. I'm very open about this. I may not have had, like, sex, sex, but I've slipped up and I've had oral sex," he disclosed.

The former baseball player continued, "For me, that was one of the moments where like, the two times I did slip up and do those things, those were things that taught me actually the significance of why I actually was putting sex on such a pedestal."

Although he is saving himself for marriage, Planeta described himself as an "extremely sexual dude." He also made it clear that just because someone chooses to stay virgin, it doesn't mean they do not have desires for sex.

"When people think of somebody waiting, right, they think like, [they're a] prude or they're not interested in sex or they don't want to have these things," he argued. "No, like, I have all these urges probably times 10, right? These are urges that I, like, fight every single day but it's not about me."

Planeta went on to note that his faith "allows [him] to take a step back" and helps him to understand how sex could impact his relationship with his potential partner. He, however, did not consider himself as a "saint."

"[Sex is] a bonding thing," he pointed out. "It's a connection thing. Like, it can mask a lot of issues if you're not communicating and talking about a lot of these thingsā€¦ I just want to make it perfectly clear how, like, naturally selfish of a human I am outside of my faith. And that's why I cling so hard to it."

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