Britney Spears Tells Haters to 'Kiss Her A**' After Sparking Debate With Her Missing Neck Tattoo

The 'Oops!... I Did It Again' singer's 'rude' response to the Internet trolls prompts her followers to raise the lingering question if she is in control of her social media accounts.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears has savagely clapped back to haters who have criticized her for editing out her neck tattoo in a recent photo. Apparently catching wind of the debate, she returned to Instagram on Thursday, July 8 to tell the Internet trolls to "kiss her a**."

Posting a photo of someone who looks like Khloe Kardashian flashing her middle finger, the pop star wrote, "While you're talking behind my back, feel free to bend down and kiss my a**." In the caption, she confirmed that she did digitally remove her neck tattoo.

"Ok so ... I edited out my tattoo on my neck cause I wanted to see what it would look like clean," the 39-year-old singer explained. She continued, "and yeah I like it better so while you guys are talking behind my back go ahead and kiss my a** haters."

Britney's fierce response prompted her followers to once again raise doubt that she's in control of her social media accounts. "This clearly isn't Britney," one person commented on her latest post. Another echoed, "This isn't Britney!!" A third one chimed in, "Just no… FREE BRITNEY!!" while someone else claimed, "Britney is never this rude."

Previously, Britney sparked debate after her neck tattoo was missing from her nude picture. Taking to the same platform, she posted a picture of her showing her naked back while she's in the bathroom.

"Where's her neck tattoo? this doesn't look like brit," one person wrote questioned her missing tattoo, while another added, "Y'all know this ain't Britney, right?" Someone wondered if Britney had even given consent for the picture to be posted to Instagram, considering recent speculation that people involved in her conservatorship are in control of her social media accounts. "Im tryna know if she gave her consent for this picture," the said person asked.

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