'Bachelorette' Recap: Katie Thurston's Journey of Love Becomes More Tense

While the other men thinks they have one less competitor now that Thomas is eliminated, , Bachelorette Katie Thurston has invited Blake Moynes to come to the house and join the competition.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" arrived with a new episode on Monday, July 5. The new outing saw Tre being relieved now that Thomas was sent home. While the other men thought they had one less competitor, Bachelorette Katie Thurston told Blake Moynes to come to the house.

Later, Tayshia Adams told the men that a man reached out to her for a chance to join the show. She told them that after much consideration, Katie decided to give the man a chance. That was when Blake entered the room and the men were understandably displeased.

Further making the other suitors mad, the first card was for Blake. For their date, they went for horseback riding. They talked about many things and they noticed that they shared so much things in common. At one point, they shared a kiss with Katie praised Blake for being a good kisser.

During the night part of the date, Katie opened up to Blake about sexual harassment that she experienced ten years ago. Blake gave her encouraging words after hearing the heartbreaking story. She gave him the one-on-one date rose before Laine Hardy appeared to sing for them.

For the next group date, it was for Greg, Quartney, Aaron, Mike P., Michael A., Andrew M., Josh, Justin, Brandan, James, Connor B., Tre and Hunter. They were playing a game called Bachelorette Bash Ball Battle and the winning team would be hanging out with Katie afterward.

As everybody wanted to win the game, it quickly became so intense. At one point, Michael A. was tackled when he was about to score. He fell and said that he could not move. Katie eventually called it a game. She announced that the black team was the winner, but she invited them all to the after-party where she thanked the men for trying hard during the game.

Katie and Michael then had a one-on-one moment with Katie telling him that she was really concerned when he was knocked down. Michael was grateful for it and told her that he thought there was something special between them. They later kissed. Meanwhile, Hunter upset everyone else because of his aggressive act during the game.

It was time for Katie to present the group date rose and she gave it to Hunter. As for Hunter, he was so happy as things went smoothly for him.

Next up for a one-on-one date was Andrew S. and he was super excited for it. They had fun as they went for a walk in the woods. The pair then got into a deeper and more serious conversation and then they had a kiss. When they had a moment in the hot tub together, she gave him the one-and-one date rose.

After she returned for the date, Justin had a one-and-one time with Katie. However, it didn't last long because Hunter came to take Katie away and that made the men upset because Hunter already had a rose. At the Rose Ceremony, Katie gave the roses to Greg, Aaron, Michael A., Connor, James, Justin, Mike P., Brandon and Tre.

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