Christina Perri on Learning to Live With Grief After Pregnancy Loss: It Was So Challenging

Months after her baby girl with husband Paul Costabile was born silent, the 'Jar of Hearts' star admits to be in a much better place than she had been a few months ago.

AceShowbiz - Musician Christina Perri is singing the praises of "inner work and healing", more than seven months after suffering a devastating pregnancy loss.

The "Jar of Hearts" star and her husband, Paul Costabile, were left heartbroken in November 2020 when their baby girl was "born silent", weeks after Perri was hospitalized with pregnancy complications.

The singer has been sharing updates with fans online as she continues to grieve the tragedy, and on Friday, July 2, she admitted she was in a much better place than she had been a few months ago as she enjoyed a beach vacation with her husband and their three-year-old daughter Carmella.

"When we lost our daughter last november I thought I would never be ok again," she shared in an Instagram Story post. "I thought I would never laugh or play again or dance again or love again... and for lots of months I didn't."

"But then I started trying to heal and learn how to live with the pain and grief right along side of the love & joy. how to find even the tiniest purpose in our tragedy and to find something to learn and grow from and grow towards [sic]."

"It was so challenging and exhausting, but I can't share enough about the power of inner work and healing," she added.

"One day I'll tell you the whole story. it's a doozy," she continued. "I kept telling myself it would all be better by the summer. it would all be better by ocean city. I thought if we could just make it to ocean city we would be ok. and it was true. we made it here and we are ok."

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