'Bachelor Pad' Alum Erica Rose Recalls 'Humiliating' and 'Painful' Challenge on the Show

The 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' alum recalls the uncomfortable moment on the 'Unpopular with Jacques Peterson' podcast, on which she details a challenge that she dubs 'the worst.'

AceShowbiz - Former "The Bachelor" contestant Erica Rose got candid about her unpleasant experience while filming season 2 of the show's spin-off "Bachelor Pad". She recalled the uncomfortable moment during her appearance on the "Unpopular with Jacques Peterson" podcast, on which she detailed a challenge that she dubbed "the worst."

Of the said challenge, which was named "Target on Your Back", Erica shared that it required women contestants, who donned either swim trunks or bikinis, to line up while being blindfolded. The men, meanwhile, hurled eggs filled with paint at the women they felt were the least attractive and needed to be eliminated. They would receive a point if they hit their target and the person with the most points won.

"Emotionally, yeah, it was traumatic, but physically, that f**king hurt," the former "Married to Medicine Houston" star said during the interview, recalling that fellow contestant Michael Stagliano threw one egg at her so hard. "They cut some of it down, but I walked off and I was like, 'I don't want to do this anymore. This is abusive. It's not just my feelings are hurt, but that f**king hurt.' "

Erica, who also starred on "Below Deck Sailing Yacht", went on to share that host Chris Harrison told her that she would be eliminated from the entire competition if she failed to complete the challenge. "We were there competing in a game, so I get that, but at that point, the damage had been done," she divulged. "They did tell the guys you can't throw it this hard. The point of the game wasn't to injure people. It was to humiliate them, I guess."

She then noted that it was so unfair for her, explaining, "What upset me was that I was told if I didn't finish that challenge, I'd be eliminated, and then a couple weeks later, it was the kissing contest and they let Michelle Money and a few other people, I think, sit that one out because they were parents and they didn't feel that was appropriate."

"But I felt like, for sure, on that show, it was playing favorites. And in another challenge, they were told tricks in order to win it: The time that [Blake Julian] and I got really close to winning the questions challenge, they were given tips to help them win. … So, they were supposed to be complying, but honestly, the rules got bent a lot."

Also starring in the second season of "Bachelor Pad" were Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi and Graham Bunn. Airing in August 2011, the season saw Holly Durst and Michael winning.

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