About her first original material since 2017, the 'Royals' hitmaker stated in previous interview that it was actually inspired by Scottish rockers Primal Scream.

AceShowbiz - George Michael would have loved Lorde's new single, according to the late singer's family, after fans compared it to the star's hit "Freedom! '90".

Devotees went wild for the "Royals" hitmaker's tune, "Solar Power", her first original material since 2017, which dropped on June 10, and now relatives and bosses representing the Brit's estate have given the song their blessing.

In a statement posted to Michael's website, they wrote, "We are aware that many people are making a connection between 'Freedom 90' by George Michael and 'Solar Power' by Lorde, which George would have been flattered to hear, so on behalf of one great artist to a fellow artist, we wish her every success with the single."

Lorde previously shared that it was Scottish rockers Primal Scream who accidentally inspired "Solar Power", telling Apple Music's Zane Lowe, "I had never heard Primal Scream in my life. I'd been told to check them out," before noting that collaborators quickly spotted that her new song sounded similar to the Scots' hit "Loaded".

"It's just one of those crazy things that, like, they just were the spiritual forebears of the song. I reached out to [Primal Scream singer] Bobby [Gillespie] and he was so lovely about it," she explained. "And he was like, 'You know, these things happen. You caught a vibe that we caught years ago.' And he gave us his blessing."

"So let the record state 'Loaded' is 100 per cent, the original blueprint for this, but we arrived at it organically. And I'm glad we did."

Lorde's new album, also titled "Solar Power", is out on August 20.

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