King Von's Sister Calls Out Asian Doll for Allegedly Trying to Bring Her and Von's BM Into Conflict

Kayla B also insinuates on Twitter that the 'Barbie Everywhere' raptress confronts her for not telling Asian about the late rapper's relationship with other women.

AceShowbiz - The bitterness between Asian Doll and King Von's sister doesn't show a sign of eradicating even just a bit. If any, Kayla B may spark a social media feud anew with her late brother's former girlfriend after calling her out on Twitter.

Kayla started ranting against the Dallas raptress on the blue-bird app on Tuesday, June 15. "Call me messy idgaf a b***h using my brother name for her own good! It's not 100000! Y'all don't know the real," she wrote in one of her posts.

In another tweet, Kayla suggested that Asian confronted her for telling the latter about Von's relationship with other women. "Called me a snake for not telling on my brother wen he was f**kin b***hes !" Kayla tweeted, claiming that Asian did just the same like Von but Kayla kept her mouth shut about it from her brother. "But I didn't tell on you in Miami wen you was kissing & spending a night with n***as ! but Kayla a snake!"

Alleging that Asian spread lies about her, Kayla also accused Asian of lying about getting back together with her brother. "This whole time this the b***h that's been spreading all these rumors about me ! telling his folks all these lies omg ! Wow," she continued to blast Asian. "This was when Von had just got locked up they was together nobody was single y'all can't lie for NOBODY!!!" She then stressed, "Ain't no queen Von because Von was single."

Kayla additionally claimed that Asian tried to spark a fight between her and one of Von's baby mamas, while they actually have no problem between them. "I'm just blew this b***h told Mici (Von's baby mama) 'to watch her back from me cause ima back door her'," so Kayla told her followers. "I never been no snake. I'll never snake Mici, Me & mici ain't never had no problems foreal. This b***h come around starting drama with us & hiding her hand lon like that fake s**t."

"Me & mici Good! It's just f**ked up that ah Mfer tryna separate us," she went on stating. "Y'all fans don't know S**t STFU. All this s**t been getting instigated by ONE Person. I been calm as hell about all this s**t. I'm sick of it now."

Asian has not responded to Kayla's Twitter rant against her. Seemingly unbothered by the social media attack, she hopped on Instagram Live on Thursday to drop a freestyle.

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