A$AP Rocky Finds It Amazing to Have Rihanna as His Supporter in Life

Aside from gushing over his singer girlfriend, the 'Excuse Me' hitmaker explains that his new documentary film, 'Stockholm Syndrome', is 'all about showing honesty, authenticity, purity.'

AceShowbiz - A$AP Rocky considers himself "truly blessed" to have the support of Rihanna. The 32-year-old rapper - real name is Rakim Mayers - admitted it is "amazing" to have his girlfriend by his side because it's so "important" to have people around who want the best for him.

Asked how crucial it is for him to have Rihanna's support for his new documentary film, "Stockholm Syndrome" - in which she appears - he told Entertainment Tonight, "It's important having that support in real life, you know? It's amazing and I'm honestly truly blessed, for real."

The movie - which also features the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tyler, the Creator and Kim Kardashian West - documents Rocky's rise to fame, including his infamous stint in solitary confinement in a Swedish prison in July 2019 but the "Excuse Me" hitmaker insisted he didn't want it to be a "pity party."

"I think making a documentary is all about vulnerability," he said. "The documentary is all about showing honesty, authenticity, purity. I just wanted to tell my story without really complaining or without, you know, seeming like a victim, or like I wanted a pity party or what not. So, here it is."

And now Rocky is looking forward to the future, with Rihanna by his side.

"What's next for me was what I was doing before I went to prison," he added. "Me and the prettiest muthaf**cker ever, we breaking headlines and making history with creativity."

Rocky and Rihanna have yet to publicly confirm their relationship. Still, in an interview with GQ magazine, the "Babushka Boi" rapper described the "Work" hitmaker as "the love of my life." He added, "She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know. She's the One."

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