Nicholas Braun Gets Candid About Struggles With Lack of Self-Esteem
British GQ Magazine

During a new magazine interview, the actor playing Greg Hirsch in 'Succession' confesses that in a social context, he can often feel uncomfortable around unfamiliar people.

AceShowbiz - Nicholas Braun struggles to feel "instantly comfortable" with strangers.

The Emmy nominated actor - who stars as Greg Hirsch in the HBO series "Succession" playing - has admitted to struggling with anxiety and lacking self-esteem.

"I do love when people love the show, but if it makes me feel so much better about myself that someone said this to me, I think I need to work on my self-esteem more," the 33-year-old told Britain's GQ Magazine.

Nicholas admitted that, in a social context, he can often feel uncomfortable around unfamiliar people.

"I guess I'm one of those people who is not, like, instantly comfortable with people; it takes me a while to know what version of myself I'm going to be with somebody," he explained, before adding that he also finds it hard forging romantic relationships too.

"I kind of run away from relationships where I know, 'OK, I care too much about this. They don't care as much as me. I gotta get out'," he shared.

By contrast, the actor feels free and at ease when he's shooting scenes for "Succession".

"It's not a one-minute take, it's a six-minute take, so you can't leave your headspace and everyone is sort of forced to stay super present for the entirety of the scene," he explained.

See the full feature in the July issue of British GQ available via digital download and on newsstands Friday, June 4.

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