Charlamagne Tha God Issues Apology to Kwame Brown's Family

In a new episode of 'The Breakfast Club', the radio personality issues an apology to Kwame and his family, admitting that he went too far when he tried to make people leave the NBA star alone.

AceShowbiz - Charlamagne Tha God has apologized to Kwame Brown and his family. In the Monday, May 24 episode of "The Breakfast Club", Charlamagne issued an apology to Kwame and his family, admitting that he went too far when he tried to make people leave Kwame alone.

"I want to apologize to Kwame Brown and Kwame Brown's family. I want to apologize to his father Bill Brown and the family of Bill Brown," the co-host said. As he apologized for "unintentionally triggering trauma," CTG added, "Last week on the radio, in my attempt to defend a Charleston, South Carolina brother like myself, I revealed too much information about that man's family."

"Some things just don't need to be said on the radio and they definitely don't need to be said by me. When I look back on the way I communicated that, I communicated it all wrong," he stated. "And I unintentionally triggered trauma in a lot of folks I grew up with who I genuinely love. I'm sure I caused a lot of pain for not only Kwame Brown, but his family, especially his family in my hometown of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. You know how I know? Because I spoke to them."

The tension between Kwame and CTG started after Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes made comments about the former NBA star on Charlamagne's Black Effect Network. Inserting himself in the situation, CTG then came to Kwame's defense while spreading rumors about the latter's family in the process.

"I'm saying all that to say, leave Kwame alone. That man has been quiet for twenty years, he don't bother nobody," he said at the time after talking about how Kwame's father is serving life in prison for allegedly beating his girlfriend while his brothers are in jail for murders. "Clearly all that 'he's a bust up' gets to him. You don't know what people are going through or have been through."

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