40 Cal's Missing Daughter Believed to Have Died of Suicide

After 'an exhaustive search and review of the evidence,' police determine based on Saniyya Dennis' last phone calls that the college student might have taken her own life.

AceShowbiz - 40 Cal's missing daughter is believed to have died of suicide. More than ten days since the rapper's daughter Saniyya Dennis was reported missing, police determine that the college student might have taken her own life.

During a press conference on Thursday, May 6, New York officials announced they came to the conclusion after conducting an extensive investigation into the teen's whereabouts. "An exhaustive search and review of the evidence has been done and it appears that this poor girl took her own life," Erie County District Attorney John Flynn told reporters.

Supporting their claim, Flynn said that investigators spoke to two people who were communicating with Dennis on the day she was last seen. One of the individuals, a male friend, said that the college student had expressed suicidal intent following a breakup with her boyfriend earlier that day. The friend told investigators they continued to talk on the phone for several hours, and Dennis had seemingly reconsidered her initial plans to kill herself.

At around 11 that night, Dennis allegedly threw her personal items into a garbage can, shortly before her bus card was swiped twice. She was tracked to a bus where she reportedly got off near the Niagara Falls Visitor Center and security cameras showed her in the park about a quarter after midnight.

At the time, the 19-year-old was still communicating with her male friend via text and a phone call and allegedly told him that she planned to jump off. However, she later informed him that she had phone conversation with her mother and was heading back to Buffalo. At around 1:30 A.M., Dennis' phone had left the cellular network.

Flynn, however, noted, "Without a body, without an autopsy being done, we're never going to definitively know. All I can do is present you with what I have and what I presented ... everything that I had ... to her parents."

Prior to this, 40 Cal expressed his frustration at police's alleged lack of attempts to find his missing daughter. "I'm really frustrated and upset about how this case is being handled," he said on "BNC News". He claimed that authorities had been dragging their feet in search efforts while he and his friends as well as his family have stormed Buffalo streets passing out flyers and knocking on doors.

The rapper added the case was given to university police and claimed "they fumbled" because they weren't equipped to handle a situation such as this. Cal also shared there's a video that shows his daughter in the elevator with a man. After waiting days for the footage, Cal asked the police who the man was. He claimed the authorities hadn't even begun investigating the unknown person.

Meanwhile, University Police Chief Peter Carey said in a statement earlier this week, "Our one and only goal in this investigation is to locate Saniyya and reconnect her with her family. Understandably, emotions are high right now, but I want to be clear that our department will not rest until Saniyya is found... I understand the desire for new details about this case is high, but to ensure the integrity of this multi-agency investigation, we are limited in our ability to share further information at this time."

Dennis was reported missing from SUNY Buffalo State College since Saturday, April 24. She was last seen leaving her residence hall around 11 P.M. On April 29, 40 Cal took to his Instagram page to enlist his fans' help to find his daughter.

"My daughter Saniyya is missing out of Buffalo State College ....," he posted along with a picture of Dennis in a green gown. He even offered a $10,000 reward for "anyone with any helpful info" about his daughter's whereabouts.

40 Cal has not responded to police's conclusion of their investigation. As of Thursday, he kept reposting people's messages about his missing daughter as well as fans' words of condolences to him and his family.

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