Haylie Duff Admits Eldest Daughter Has Started Asking About Her Wedding to Matt Rosenberg

The 'Napoleon Dynamite' actress, who has been engaged to Matt Rosenberg since 2014, opens up that her dream wedding now looks very different from the one she initially envisioned.

AceShowbiz - Actress Haylie Duff is feeling the pressure to finally walk down the aisle from her eldest daughter after discovering her parents are still engaged.

The "Napoleon Dynamite" star became engaged to Matt Rosenberg in 2014, but they postponed their marriage plans after Haylie fell pregnant with their now-five-year-old girl Ryan, and then welcoming Lulu, now two.

However, Ryan has since started quizzing mum about making plans for their big day, and it's given Haylie the push she needed to seriously begin thinking about officially becoming Matt's wife.

"I did always kind of think to myself, like, whenever our kids kind of started asking us about it, it might be the time that we go, 'OK, we've got to, like, do this thing'," she told the New York Post's Page Six.

"And Ryan didn't know the difference of married or not married until she started school and I had to write my name and Matt's name [on paperwork]. And then she was like, 'Wait a minute!' So now there's a lot of talk of, like, 'At your wedding...' That kind of stuff."

The family relocated from Los Angeles to Haylie's native Texas last year (2020), and it's brought the couple another step closer to tying the knot.

"We feel married in a lot of ways...," she shared. "We've got two kids and couldn't be more married if we tried, but I think both of us envisioned doing it in Texas, and so now that we're here, the conversations are happening a little more often than they were before."

However, she admits her dream wedding now looks very different from the nuptials she had initially envisioned for herself when they first became engaged.

"I just probably won't be in, like, a big wedding dress like I thought I would be," she said. "I think, we're older, first of all, too, you know? Both of our kids would be there. I think it's been reimagined a little bit, which is exciting [sic]."

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