Netflix Apologizes to 'Byron Baes' Cast for 'Hated' PR Post Amid Backlash

Meanwhile, Byron locals are not happy with the docusoap as they reportedly paddle out into the ocean to protest the show in addition to launching a petition against the new project.

AceShowbiz - Netflix's upcoming docusoap "Byron Baes" has yet to premiere but the show is already drawing backlash not only from Byron locals but also from its cast. It has been reported that the cast members, who have yet to be revealed, are not happy with the show labeling them as "influencers" and "hot Instagrammers" in an Instagram post teasing the new project.

In response to the backlash, Netflix's Director of Originals in Australia Que Minh Luu took to her Twitter account to share that the streaming giant had apologized to the cast for the recent PR post. "A postcard's worth of copy doesn't tell the whole story of what the show is. It looks at human connection, ambition, image and what lies underneath - not all glossy, often contradictory. Like the place itself. Byron is a symbol to so many Australians," Luu began her thread.

"It is a reality show & it has craft. It is hella entertaining & it is complex. These are not mutually exclusive. The team & participants are committed, hardworking, with heart & incredible stories to tell," she went on to say. "I've never made reality before and want to do something new with it - with Eureka we're levelling s**t up. BTW, the craft and skill that goes into reality is kinda incredible??"

Of the cast members, Luu explained, "The participants number in the double digits, a quarter born/raised in the area, most have lived there a meaningful length of time, a few newer to the area...kinda like how Byron works. They are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, models, on a spiritual journey and more. They understand the power of influence. They are part of Byron. They understand the creative vision of the show that has been developed with them over several months."

In the next tweet, Luu confirmed that most of the cast members "hated the press release too!" That prompted her to do "a lot of apologising that week. Fired the PR team (lol joking about firing, we're all learning together)."

Luu added, "Anyhoo, there's more to influencing than you think, there's more to Byron than the image, and there's more to the show. No doubt it won't be for everyone, but it'll authentic, honest and layered and FUN. Also a docusoap! Can't wait to share it."

Concluding the thread, she wrote, "Last thought: soap operas get trashed a lot but they're often a conversation starter for families, communities about current issues...when Warren and I created The Heights it was with all the respect for the genre's place in culture and what value we could add to it x."

That aside, locals were not supportive of "Byron Baes" as they reportedly thought the show would affect badly to the beach. It was said that the folks paddled out into the ocean to protest the show in addition to launching a petition against the docusoap.

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