Having become a popular figure on the social media app, the 'Twin Peaks' actor admits that his 12-year-old son Callum thinks his fun clips are 'rather cringey.'

AceShowbiz - Actor Kyle MacLachlan has warned his TikTok followers direct messages sent from his account are unlikely to be real - because he's caught his son responding to fans while posing as his famous father.

The "Twin Peaks" star has become a popular figure on the social media app in recent months after entertaining himself - and his devotees - during the COVID shutdown by reprising some of his most famous roles for funny videos.

"You gotta keep up [with trends], right...?" he smiled about his new hobby. "TikTok is a really fun, creative tool, I think - at least, that's the way I approach it. I post a lot of just fun stuff. It's mostly kind of former roles, fan-based stuff. Things that I think people are gonna enjoy..."

While MacLachlan's followers may appreciate his sense of humor, his posts have fallen flat with his 12-year-old son Callum, who thinks dad's clips are "rather cringey."

However, every now and then, he likes to have a little fun with fans by sending replies from his dad's phone - pretending the messages are coming from his father.

"Occasionally he will actually get my phone and respond to fans on TikTok, as if it were me, which I discourage of course, but it is kinda funny," MacLachlan told U.S. breakfast show "Today". "So you never know, you might get a message from Callum!"

In early April, MacLachlan revealed that it was his "Carol's Second Act" co-star Ashley Tisdale who introduced him to TikTok. "I learned about it when I was working with Ashley on [the CBS sitcom] Carol's Second Act," he told PEOPLE at the time. "I was inadvertently in an Ashley Tisdale TikTok."

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