The 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker admits that his wife Linda, whose ashes he brought back to the U.K. with him, gave him very clear instructions about what she wanted to happen to him after her passing.

AceShowbiz - Sir Tom Jones never realized the extent of his late wife's homesickness until he came across her handwritten notes after her death.

The Welsh pop veteran and his wife Linda relocated to the U.S. at the height of his career, and although they had started thinking about returning to the U.K., their plan to move back only came to fruition after Linda lost her battle with lung cancer in 2016.

Tom, who has since moved into a new place in London, explained, "She wrote it all down. I've got those notes, and I didn't realize it was that important to her."

"She wrote, 'When Tom moved his mother and father and sister out [of the U.K.], I thought, 'Oh my god, that means we're not going to go back for a while...' "

"She was always on about coming home, and we were going to do it - we started looking at places over here," he shared. "Then of course she got sick. So I've done it, I've moved and I've got her ashes with me."

Linda made sure to give her husband very clear instructions about what she wanted to happen after her passing, so that they would never be too far apart.

The "Sex Bomb" hitmaker told The Independent, "We were going to do it [move back] anyway, but she said to me, 'Now that I can't come, it doesn't mean you can't go, so get yourself a flat [apartment] in London and start again.' "

In another interview, Tom recalled the conversation he had with Linda before she died. "I was there in the hospital room with her for the last 10 days," he recalled when promoting new album "Surrounded By Time".

"And I said, 'My God Linda, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, because I won't be able to sing, I won't be able to get the words out," he continued. "She said, 'You must!' She said, 'Don't fall with me, you know, I got to go, but you don't have to.' "

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