Kevin Spacey Accused of Groping 'House of Cards' Production Assistant and Young Actor

The Frank Underwood depicter allegedly sexually harassed a crew member of his former television show and a young actor who wanted to audition for the series.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Spacey allegedly groped both a young "House of Cards" production assistant and an actor who wanted to audition for the show, a confidential arbitration between the star and his former employer reveals.

The allegations are among many described in a closed-door legal fight between Spacey and officials at Media Rights Capital, who sued him for tens of millions in damages in 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It's been reported the production assistant, aged in their 20s, had been rushing Spacey to the hospital from the set of a promo for the series in 2012 when the incident took place.

The publication also reports, during casting for a later season of the show, Spacey invited a young actor to his room in a Santa Monica hotel to discuss a part. However, when he declined, Spacey allegedly drove him to the Getty Center and groped him.

Two off-set massage providers also reportedly banned Spacey from their services after incidents of sexual harassment, with multiple members of the cast and crew of his hit show describing the star's behaviour as predatory.

Media Rights Capital bosses are suing Spacey, claiming his alleged misconduct vastly devalued the show. He has countersued, alleging officials owed him money because the organisation had illegally withheld compensation after allegations he sexually assaulted minors first arose in 2017.

Oral arguments in the arbitration are scheduled for late June (21). Spacey has reportedly denied all allegations.

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