'Duck Dynasty' Star Rebecca Robertson Falls Victim to Anti-Asian Racism During COVID-19 Pandemic

The adopted daughter of Willie Robertson reveals that a family associate throws an abruptly racist joke to her when she was grocery shopping during the quarantine with her husband John Reed.

AceShowbiz - Rebecca Robertson has opened up about anti-Asian racism she personally experienced. Sitting down with her parents, Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson, and her other siblings, the "Duck Dynasty" alum spoke out that she once fell victim to racist joke during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Thursday, April 8 episode of "At Home with the Robertsons" Facebook Watch series, the 32-year-old recalled the time when a family acquaintance made an offhanded racist joke while she was out with her husband John Reed Loflin. "We were eating somewhere in town, and someone we knew came over, an acquaintance of [husband] John Reed, and he just came over," she began telling the story.

She then continued, "And was like 'John Reed, you're so lucky because your wife and kid are Chinese you can just send them to the grocery store to get toilet paper because everyone would just run away from them.' "

Further detailing her experience, the reality TV star went on to say, "He thought that was like a funny joke, but it really wasn't funny because first of all, we're not Chinese." Her husband suddenly raised his hand and chimed in, "Again, this guy is not my friend," before Rebecca continued, "I think it's just that people [are] kind of ignorant. And they don't think that's racist."

Right after sharing her experience with racism, Rebecca was showered with love and support by the Robertson family. Her siblings thanked her for sharing her perspective as it enlightened them. Her 23-year-old sister Sadie Robertson added that she and their brother Will Robertson have made the family aware of the challenges they have to face because of their skin color.

"It's just crazy 'cause I only know y'all [Rebecca and Will] as my brother and sister and know nothing different," Sadie said with a smile. "But it's cool to get to know about things y'all have to go through and experience, so, always want y'all to know I'm here for y'all and your friends, and anybody that's going through something like what y'all have had to face."

Rebecca joined the Robertson family when she was a 16-year-old foreign exchange student. Her mom Korie admitted that she and Willie "fell in love with her from day one" and she became their daughter since then. She married John in 2016 and shares 2-year-old daughter Zane Israel with him.

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