The 'Face/Off' director has always been interested in making 'a film based on the Monkey King story of China but have struggled with a new way to present it,' before moving forward with the adaptation of Stan Lee's superhero character.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker John Woo is swinging into action to tackle a live-action adaptation of Stan Lee's superhero character Monkey Master.

The late Marvel legend co-created "Monkey Master" with Graphic India boss Sharad Devarajan, about a New York City archeologist named Li Yong, who travels to India to find out more about the ancient Chinese prophecy of The Monkey King, and subsequently discovers a hidden power which transforms him into the titular superhero, a powerful martial arts expert.

The comic book series was never released, but Woo is excited at the prospect of bringing the lesser-known creation to life onscreen with Sevarajan and Gill Champion, Lee's longtime business partner and POW! Entertainment president, also onboard as producers.

The "Face/Off" director told Variety, "I have always wanted to make a film based on the Monkey King story of China but have struggled with a new way to present it."

"The story by Stan Lee was such a unique version of it that incorporated the mythological character's unexplored journey to India and had all the elements I enjoy in filmmaking - great characters, action, and adventure. I am excited to work with Sharad and Gill to bring Stan's vision for this new superhero character to the screen."

Casting details have yet to be released.

In 2016, Lee had discussed "Monkey Master" as saying, "I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality. I've written countless superheroes of every nationality and every part of the world before, I've even created many heroes from other planets and galaxies, but 'Monkey Master' will be unique in how it interweaves myth to create a modern day hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable super-powers."

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