'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Emily Sparks Concern After Allegedly Setting Hair on Fire on IG Live

Social media users react to a disturbing video, in which the star of the Lifetime series is reportedly seen putting fire on her hair, by asking her to get help.

AceShowbiz - Is Emily Fernandez okay? The star of Lifetime's reality series "Little Women: Atlanta" has raised concern among social media users after she went on Instagram Live and allegedly set her hair on fire.

It's unclear when the video was posted and where it was uploaded, as it cannot be found on Emily's official Instagram account, but a concerned fan who brought it up on a forum page claimed that the reality TV star "puts fire on her hair" at the 2:45 mark.

Reacting to the disturbing clip, people expressed their hope that Emily gets the help she doesn't know she needs at the moment. "She really needs help. No wonder her children got taken away," one person weighed in.

Suggesting that Emily is having a mental breakdown, another commented, "Damn she is spiraling! Is she on speaking terms with her dad or any family? She clearly needs help." Another claimed that she's on drugs, which might cause her to do the antics. "She's been making really disturbing videos for the past few weeks. she's on drugs. She might have had a mental break. the little women group on fb has been posting every time she goes live. Someone close to her should get her help," the third person said.

Another speculated that Emily's issue might have something to do with her broken friendship with her co-star Briana Barlup. "wtf? I think she is depressed after sleeping with Bri's baby daddy wooda and losing their friendship," the fourth commenter wrote. "As a little woman I am sure it was already hard. I understand that she kept having to do things financially for Bri' and she may resent it, but she was also jealous of her and wooda's relationship and wanted to ruin it. It is very obvious she has been on drugs for the past year at least."

Another begged to differ, though, saying, "I disagree... I think she is mourning the loss of that friendship plus other personal struggles. I hope she gets help for the sake of her kids, she has been through a lot."

Someone else thinks that it's "hard" to intervene if Emily doesn't realizes she needs help, adding, "I think I did see something about them getting her on a hold once in the past few months. Her father controls her trust I believe. idk who she has in her life but they should try to intervene like you said for the sake of her children."

One person, however, was less sympathetic as admitting, "I don't like Emily..never have when I saw her on Little Women, she was a real b***h. Sad to see her on drugs though. Messed up situation."

It's unclear what set Emily's bizarre action, but she has been going through a hard time when she lost her son Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr., her "second born," at the age of 5 months in August 2016. She later became pregnant again in 2018 and gave birth to a baby boy in an emergency cesarean section in 2019.

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