Donald Trump Trolled Over His Major Downgrade After Flying in Tiny Jet With Low Ceiling

Upon knowing the downgrade, people on Twitter are quick to mock the former president of the United States as one user tweets, 'Aw… POOR Trump, he now has to fly a SMALL Cessna plane….'

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump fell victim to online trolling for losing his presidential perks which was shown by his major downgrade when it comes to air vehicles. The former president used to fly in the luxury of Air Force One for four years, but he now has to be satisfied with tiny jet that has a low ceiling.

In a picture obtained by Daily Mail on Tuesday, March 9, the 74-year-old was seen flying in Cessna Citation X, a mid-size jet, as he traveled from New York City. Opting for a long black coat, Donald was photographed holding onto a bar, making his way up the tiny staircase of the aircraft.

1997 Cessna Citation X is way smaller compared to the Air Force One, which is Boeing 747. Unlike the spacious Air Force One, Cessna only boasts nine to twelve passenger seats. The plane, which is reportedly registered to Donald's company The Trump Organization, is worth about $20 million.

Upon knowing the downgrade, people on Twitter were quick to mock Donald. "Aw… POOR Trump, he now has to fly a SMALL Cessna plane…," one person tweeted. "After making us bend over for 4 years, at least now Trump has to bend over inside his own plane," another fan joked. Similarly, someone added, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen."

One user, meanwhile, wrote, "Here is a juicy little tidbit for you. Remember that big old Trump jet he used to fly? Well, chump now flies on an average little Cessna. Coming down in the world quick. Not even HE wants to fly something with his name on it anymore."

Donald, who ended his presidential term on January 20, appeared to be determined to get back his position as the commander in chief. In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, February 28, he was confident about winning the next presidential race.

"It is far from being over. We will be victorious and America will be stronger and greater than ever before," he told the Republican supporters. "I may even decide to beat them for a third time."

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