Shakira Defended by Fans from 'Prostitute' Banner Ahead of Boyfriend's Soccer Match

#RespectShakira has been trending on Twitter after Paris Saint-Germain fans held a banner that referred to the 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)' hitmaker as a prostitute.

AceShowbiz - Shakira has been showered with much needed support after she fell victim to a sexist banner. After the "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" hitmaker got dubbed a "prostitute" by Paris Saint-Germain fans ahead of her partner's Gerard Pique's soccer match, her devotees was quick to jump into her defense online.

The banner targeting the 44-year-old singer made its way online on Sunday, March 7. The sign read, "Shakira a La Jonquera." La Jonquera is a town in the French-Spanish border which is known for prostitution. On the reason why she got attacked, her beau's soccer team, Barcelona, will play against Les Parisiens in the UEFA Championship League on Wednesday, March 10.

Many on Twitter have since come to Shakira's defense, calling out the misogynist behavior. One in particular pointed out, "Time and again we are seeing instances of hardworking women being insulted or slut-shamed, be it in music industry or, in this instance, the soccer world. It's time we raise our voices and denounce such misogyny. #RespectShakira #WomensHistoryMonth."

Another complained, "It's 2021 and there are still people who have the audacity to make these misogynogin comments, It's something that has always been seen in football culture and has to stop. Shakira is an unproblematic legend who doesn't deserve to be degraded like this #RespectShakira." A third asked, "Wtf why are they attacking shakira now? Also this is so sick #RespectShakira #WomensHistoryMonth."

A fourth defender went on to say, "It's not even one team. It's all of them. The culture around football clubs and the sexist comments they make aimed at women is common place and it's sickening." The person further demanded, "It needs to STOP. For years they've been degrading Shakira in so many ways and nobody does anything. #RespectShakira."

Shakira's Fans' Tweets

Shakira's fans defended her after she fell victim to a sexist banner.

This was not the first time Shakira became a target of sports fans. Back in 2012, a picture of a naked blow-up doll with the Colombian native's name written on the back circulated online after Real Madrid won the Spanish league title. Barcelona, on the other hand, took home the title for the past three years in a row.

Shakira and Gerard began dating in 2011. They are parents to two sons, Milan and Sasha. In 2014, she opened up about whether they will tie the knot. "We already have what's essential, you know? We have a union, a love for each other, and a baby. I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them. But if I'm ever going to get married, he's the one," he told Glamour at that time.

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