'Bachelor' Recap: Matt James Confronts His Dad Ahead of Fantasy Suites

The leading man of season 25 of the ABC dating show feels that he needs to talk with his father, who isn't a constant presence in his life, before he will finally feel ready to start a family of his own.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" returned with a new episode on Monday, March 8. In the new outing, Matt James enjoyed one-on-one romantic dates with three remaining ladies in his season during the Fantasy Suites. The first date was between Matt and Michelle, who was confident with her relationship with him.

Prior to that, Matt met his father. He felt that he needed to talk with his father, who wasn't a constant presence in his life, before he was ready to start a family of his own. Matt explained his emotional turmoil to his father and said that he forgave his dad and didn't hold grudges against him. Meanwhile, his father promised to try to be more present for Matt, though he noted that this conversation wouldn't magically fix their relationship.

Later during his date with Michelle, Matt and Michelle had a spa day. During the relaxing time, Michelle revealed that she wanted to be like her parents, who have been married for over thirty years. Matt felt the same as he didn't want him to be like his parents who split when he was young. As Matt showed his vulnerable side to Michelle, she told him that she loved him. While Matt didn't say it back, he did kiss her. The two then headed to the bedroom.

The next morning, they woke up in each other's arms. They kissed a lot until Michelle had to go back to the house. Rachael, meanwhile, was torn to find out that Matt and Michelle spent the night together. Bri was also the same but she tried her best not to show or tell Matt about her feelings.

For Bri and Matt's one-on-one date, they went hiking. Bri panicked when Matt asked for her help in setting up a camping tent, thinking that they would sleep outside for their Fanstasy Suite. Matt noticed and decided to play with her for a while before he finally told her that this wasn't the place they would spend their Fantasy Suite night.

Later during the night, Bri told Matt that she loved him. Matt didn't say it back but he said that he was ready for an engagement, adding that he saw how she fits in her life after Hometowns. Bri then recounted her date with Matt with the other ladies and it made Rachael so insecure.

She couldn't shake off her insecurity during her date with Matt as they created ceramics. Rachael didn't speak to him and didn't event look at him the whole time. Rachael finally decided that she needed to speak with him in private about this. She asked Matt about his feelings for her and he told her that he wanted a future with her, just like what he told the other women. Rachael was satisfied enough with his answer and they kissed.

It was later time for the Rose Ceremony. Matt gave the first rose to Michelle, putting Bri and Rachael in jeopardy. Eventually, he presented the last rose to Rachael and sent Bri home. Matt apologized to Bri, explaining that he just didn't feel for her as deeply as she did for him.

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