Lupita Nyong'o's Children's Book Adapted for Movie

The kiddie-friendly book inspired by the 'Black Panther' actress' own childhood struggle with her dark skin is being turned into an animated movie musical for Netflix.

AceShowbiz - Lupita Nyong'o's children's book is set to be turned into an animated movie musical for Netflix.

The "Black Panther" star released "Sulwe" in late 2019, using her own childhood struggle with her dark skin as inspiration to tackle the issue of acceptance among kids of colour.

Now it's being adapted for the screen thanks to streaming service bosses, and Nyong'o, who will serve as a producer, is delighted to embark on the next chapter of Sulwe's story.

"The story of Sulwe is one that is very close to my heart," the actress shared in a statement.

"It was a long journey for me to arrive at self-love. Sulwe is a mirror for dark-skinned children to see themselves, a window for those who may not be familiar with colourism, to have understanding and empathy."

In an Instagram post announcing the news on Thursday (18Feb21), Nyong'o wrote, "Sulwe is going to be an animated movie!! Thank you to the readers of all ages who have joined #Sulwe on her starry ride. I'm so excited for this next adventure on @Netflix! #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre."

The Oscar winner was inundated with well wishes from fans and celebrity friends, including Diane Kruger, who commented, "AMAZING," and Ciara, who added, "That's so awesome! Congratulations mama!!"

It's not yet known if Nyong'o will be contributing to the songs featured in the film, but she previously teamed up with musician K'naan to write a tune to accompany her literary project.

"Sulwe's Song" dropped in November 2019, a month after the book's launch, and was accompanied by an animated lyric video.

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