Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas Keen to Do 'Save the Last Dance' Sequel
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While Julia shares her vision on how her character is doing in the potential follow-up, her co-star Sean voices his eagerness to reunite with the actress once again as grown-ups.

AceShowbiz - Actress Julia Stiles and her "Save the Last Dance" co-star Sean Patrick Thomas are eager for a sequel to mark the film's 20th anniversary.

The teen romance was released back in 2001, and both Stiles and Thomas are curious to find out where their characters would be today in a potential follow-up.

"It would be so special," Stiles told E! News. "I would be a lot less nervous. I'm envisioning, like, me doing the Debbie Allen character in Fame, where now she's a dance teacher and she's smacking her cane against the ballet bar. And then, I don't know."

Thomas admitted that while he would love to revisit the franchise, he's not sure what the plotline for a sequel would be.

He added, "I can never think of something that sounds plausible. Unless, they ended up getting married somehow. But that seems too easy. So it's tough for me to kind of wrap my brain around how that would come to pass. But, you know, if somebody had a good idea, I'd definitely take a look."

"I would love to work with Julia again, now," he shared. "It would be an incredible pleasure because we're grown-ups now."

And Thomas remains proud of the interracial romance at the heart of the film, which he believes was ahead of its time.

"Even now in 2021, you don't see a whole lot of major studio films with an interracial couple as the two leads," he said. "It was remarkable for that time. It wasn't really about, you know, black and white and it's so fraught. It was simple, it was sweet, it was pure. It had innocence to it. And I think that's what resonates."

"Save the Last Dance" spawned a straight-to-DVD sequel in 2006, but did not feature the original cast members.

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