Paula Abdul Looks Back at Time She Caught Keanu Reeves in His Underwear
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When appearing on 'The Talk', the 'Opposites Attract' hitmaker opens up about the time she worked together with 'The Matrix' star for her 'Rush Rush' music video.

AceShowbiz - "Paula Abdul once caught Keanu Reeves playing air guitar in his underwear and to this day she doesn't think the movie star knows she saw him rocking out.

The two stars were paired up for Paula's "Rush Rush" music video and the singer/dancer recalls she had a great laugh on set with "The Matrix" star, who was just starting out at the time.

She also got the chance to check out Reeves almost naked when she went to his trailer to welcome him to the shoot.

"I went to introduce myself and I heard music playing and the door to his trailer was slightly ajar," she tells "The Talk". "I knocked on it. Nothing. I slowly pushed it open and he had headphones on and he was full-on air guitaring in his underwear."

"I just said, 'OK..., I'll meet him on set!'"

In other news, Paula shared her work-out tips. "I hate regular sit-ups because they hurt my neck, so I’ve learned every different way there is to do reverse sit-ups," she said in a recent interview. "I'll grab the foot of the couch and do leg-lift extensions and scissors, followed by some core stretches that involve contracting my core to press my belly button into the back of my spine and then releasing."

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