Even though it has been a month and two days after the presidential election, which took place on November 3, the businessman-turned-president has yet to concede the election.

AceShowbiz - The 2020 election defeat is a hard pill to swallow for Donald Trump. Even though it has been a month and two days after the presidential election, POTUS has yet to concede the election. On Wednesday, December 9, he asked the Supreme Court to let him join the state of Texas' lawsuit instead.

The said lawsuit is trying to dismiss the election results from the battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where Joe Biden won. He also took to Twitter to tweet about "RIGGED ELECTION," adding, "There is massive evidence of widespread fraud in the four states (plus) mentioned in the Texas suit. Just look at all of the tapes and affidavits!"

Upon watching his reactions, online users were trending #crybabytrump on Twitter. "All around this nation, elementary, middle school, and high school coaches are teaching our young people about sportsmanship: how to have dignity, lose gracefully and show class--and this president and his party are showing them what the complete opposite looks like. #crybabyTrump," author John Pavlovitz wrote on the blue bird app.

Another user mocked the businessman-turned president by writing, "#DiaperDon is being #CryBabyTrump." Replying to Donald's tweet, another person said, "#CryBabyTrump is trending all day long because you #LOST. Get over it." Meidas University correspondent Emma Silverman also gave her take on exactly the viral hashtag, explaining why "#crybabytrump" was trending in a video that has garnered almost 3,000 "likes" on Twitter.

"The dude who was behind in the polls by double digits for months before the election can't believe he lost the election. Go figure. Woman facepalming #CryBabyTrump #DemVoice1," one critic added. Someone chimed in, "#CryBabyTrump can't stop whining like a 2 year old.. waaaaaa."

Alluding that it's time for Trump to admit his defeat and move on, someone added, "The election ended, what, 36 days ago? This is just #crybabyTrump throwing his usual tantrum on his way to obscurity!"

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