Margot Robbie Struggles With Thanksgiving Dish, Taraji P. Henson Wows Grandma With Recipe

The 'Suicide Squad' actress admits to struggling to cook favorite Thanksgiving dish while the 'Empire' star receives her grandmother's approval with her recipe.

AceShowbiz - Keen cook Margot Robbie has never been able to master a sweet potato casserole for the Thanksgiving table.

The "Suicide Squad" actress might be Australian but she loves the annual American feast and the challenge of cooking something special for get togethers with friends.

But she admits she has never been able to perfect her favourite side dish, which is topped with marshmallows and baked.

"I didn't grow up with Thanksgiving or the food that goes with it, but every year I try and I try and it, literally and figuratively, goes up in flames," she says.

"Marshmallows! They're so flammable!"

The actress has a history of burning the dish when she stepped into the kitchen. She lit the ham on fire during a Christmas holiday and ruined the yams at a Thanksgiving gathering. "Everyone was like, 'We want to be able to eat the food, we don't want it to be charcoal and just have nothing,'" she said.

On the other hand, Taraji P. Henson has mastered the most delicious Thanksgiving recipes for a holiday cook-out worthy of her late grandmother's approval.

The "Hidden Figures" star will not allow fame and fortune to keep her out of the kitchen on America's feast day, and she reveals she is an excellent cook.

"My grandmother would be embarrassed if I didn't know how to cook," Taraji tells E!. "I have all kinds (of secret recipes)."

"My collard greens are slamming, you will be drinking the pot licker, I mean my turkey is pretty good, she likes it moist and tender and juicy and herbalicious - she has so many herbs (sic)."

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