KISS to Livestream Biggest New Year's Eve Concert From Dubai

'KISS 2020 Goodbye' will take place at the Atlantis, The Palm resort in the United Arab Emirates with an in-person audience expected to be between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

AceShowbiz - Kiss are preparing to "rock the heavens" to usher in 2021 with a big New Year's Eve (December 31) bash livestreamed from the United Arab Emirates.

The stars plan to Rock And Roll All Nite for the huge gig, which will take place at the Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai, with an in-person audience expected to be between 2,000 and 3,000 people - all limited to hotel guests, who will undergo coronavirus testing and other health and safety protocols before gaining access.

Kiss are promoting the event as their "biggest concert ever," as it will also be filmed with more than 50 cameras, and beamed out to fans worldwide, who will also be treated to a massive fireworks show which the band hopes will include "numerous world record attempts for largest ever pyro display."

"After nine months of this pandemic darkness the world may finally be seeing light of day," the bandmates share in a statement.

"On New Year's Eve, Kiss will rock the heavens, shake the earth and blaze the way out of 2020 with the largest and most bombastic celebration in our and anyone else's history. We all need it. We all deserve it. Here's to 2021."

The rockers had been in the midst of their farewell tour when the COVID-19 crisis shut the live entertainment industry down earlier this year, and frontman Paul Stanley admits they were searching for the biggest, most extravagant way to return to the stage - and it wasn't going to be in Los Angeles.

"Frankly, I wasn't interested in doing a stream on the level of Live at the Troubadour in L.A.," he tells Rolling Stone. "Not that those aren't good, but they aren't Kiss."

"Either we do this right, or we don't do it. For us, size matters. We don't have to reinvent the wheel; we invented it and it runs real well. We're just making sure it's on a scale and a size that does justice not only to the situation we're in, but that it makes the people watching at home feel like they're a part of it."

Bassist Gene Simmons adds, "We play big. There's not a lot of subtlety in what we do. It's like the Fourth of July. You don't want chaos. You can have the biggest, but it won't be the baddest because just random explosions everywhere and 300-foot fireballs going off, you can't tap your foot to that or sing along. You want to have something that has coordination. So everything that we're naturally doing onstage is going to be amplified - 10-to-100-fold bigger, oh my God."

"The best way to shut everybody up and get everybody to enjoy life right now is to make a big resounding noise and shake the heavens with some pyro."

The end-of-year extravaganza, titled "KISS 2020 Goodbye", will feature a free pre-show livestream, and although the festivities will be timed to midnight in Dubai, virtual ticketholders will be allowed to replay the show to count down to their own celebrations.

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