Lzzy Hale Calls 'The Magic of Christmas Day' Collaboration With Dee Snider 'Insanely Epic'

The Halestorm frontwoman has replaced Tarja Turunen on Twisted Sister singer's holiday single, which was originally a hit for Celine Dion titled 'God Bless Us Everyone'.

AceShowbiz - Halestorm star Lzzy Hale has replaced Tarja Turunen on Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider's "The Magic of Christmas Day" holiday single.

The track was originally a hit, titled "God Bless Us Everyone", for Celine Dion, but songwriter Snider has reclaimed it for the 2020 festive season.

Earlier this year (20), he announced ex-Nightwish singer Turunen would be joining him on the track he wrote as a gift for his wife, but the tune dropped on Friday (November 13), with Hale dueting with Dee.

"I knew I needed to bring in a young powerhouse vocalist to not only duet with me, but light a Yuletide fire under my a**," Snider explains. "I only knew of one rock vocalist who could deliver on all those fronts, and she did in spades: the incredible Lzzy Hale."

"If you're ever, in your life, gonna go full-on, all-gas, no-brakes... you do it Dee Snider-style," his Christmas song partner adds. "I was so honoured to get the call from Dee on his holiday classic 'The Magic of Christmas Day'. After exchanging a few very affectionate 'f**y yous' as we rediscovered our respect and admiration for each other's talent, the final recording is insanely epic."

The 37-year-old singer and rhythm guitarist continues, "Thank you so much to everyone for having me. And considering we will all be experiencing a very different holiday season in 2020, I hope that this song brings you joy and puts a smile on your face. God bless us everyone!"

It hasn't been explained why Hale replaced Turunen.

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