G Herbo and Taina Williams Shade Ari Fletcher for Asking to Remove Pic of Taina With Rapper's Son

Ari herself has explained why she is perturbed about a photo of G Herbo's girlfriend holding the rapper's son Yosohn, claiming that 'Yosohn does not like [Taina].'

AceShowbiz - Things are hostile between G Herbo and his ex Ari Fletcher, after the latter asked a paparazzo to remove a photo of the rapper's girlfriend Taina Williams with his son Yosohn. The "Some Nights" spitter and his current lover have appeared to clap back at his baby mama for taking issue with the picture.

Taking a subliminal jab at Ari, G Herbo posted on his Instagram Stories, "Happy h**s ain't hating." Taina then chimed in, sharing a similar message on her Twitter page, "Just remember, hatin' people ain't happy and happy people ain't hatin'."

Taina Williams' Tweet

Taina Williams seemed to shade Ari Fletcher.

G Herbo also retweeted a post which read, "At this point in my life I know myself so well no one can use anything against me. Guilt tripping, judging or shaming me won't be effective because I have accepted myself entirely. The good, the bad, the ugly and I'm growing."

It's apparently intended as the 25-year-old artist's response after his ex seemingly clapped back by posting on her Instagram Stories, "How they got a cure for covid and not herpes." The social media star has publicly claimed that the rapper has the sexually transmitted disease.

Earlier on Tuesday, November 10, Ari complained about a photo of Taina holding her son Yosohn. "Sweetie please don't post my son and another girl, remove this," she wrote below the image.

The image was eventually removed by the person who posted it, but a social media user asked her, "I don't understand the point of them posting that picture of taina and your son," calling her act, "childish."

Ari then responded by explaining, "I don't want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don't want my son uncomfortable."

When someone told her to "let that hurt GO" because if Yosohn was uncomfortable, he would be "screaming crying," she replied that "he does when I call [Taina's] phone to check on my son and she has him he immediately starts crying for me."

Moneybagg Yo's baby mama also jumped into the drama as she poked fun, "I'll go get mine because If mine crying then mine ain't staying."

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