Lisa Maffia Cries as She Apologizes for 'Accidentally' Announcing She Had Cervical Cancer
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The So Solid Crew member gets teary eyes as she apologizes for initially saying she was diagnosed with cervical cancer while it's actually her mother who had the cancer.

AceShowbiz - British singer Lisa Maffia has issued a tearful apology to fans after inadvertently announcing she has cervical cancer while sharing it's actually her mother who has received a terminal diagnosis.

The star, who rose to fame with hip-hop group So Solid Crew, hit headlines on Thursday (29Oct20) after documenting a hospital visit, during which she underwent a colposcopy, a procedure used to find potentially cancerous cells in the cervix area.

In one of the Instagram captions, Lisa urged fans to stay up to date with their smear tests, as she wrote: "I never miss a smear and I unfortunately have cervical cancer. So now I'm even more cautious. This is just a reminder to anyone that maybe has forgotten to get tested! It's not a game."

She also shared a video post after the appointment, admitting had been "absolutely petrified" of having her third colposcopy as the disease runs in her family, and her mum is currently fighting for her life.

Lisa, 41, was immediately inundated with messages of support from her social media followers, and she subsequently returned to her Instagram Stories timeline to clarify her health situation, admitting she had made a mistake with her hurried post, and she doesn't have cervical cancer at all.

"I sincerely apologise for making the terrible mistake of not finishing my sentence because I was in such... (an) overwhelming state earlier that when I was posting, I didn't really look back at my text (post) because it was coming from the heart... and it said, 'I have cervical cancer,'" she explained in a series of video clips.

"I don't have cervical cancer, I had abnormal cells which needed to be burnt away."

The musician insisted she had meant to write, "I have cervical cancer in my family," but by the time she realised the flub, the news of her apparent diagnosis had already been picked up by the media.

"Oh my God, guys, I'm so sorry, I now feel so guilty for not checking," Lisa said, as she wiped away tears. "I think I was emotional about my mum... I just wasn't thinking."

Although Lisa doesn't have cervical cancer, she confirmed doctors had previously found abnormal cells, which had to be removed as a precaution.

Sharing her gratitude for the unexpected outpouring of love, she concluded, "God bless you all and thank you for all the kind messages, but this is just to rectify I don't have cervical cancer, I just had cells burnt away that could have turned cancerous... I'm sincerely sorry to have panicked (you all)... Hundreds of people are getting in touch, so I'm sorry."

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