NBA YoungBoy's Alleged Victim Fell Into 'Coma' for 5 Days After Beatdown

A girlfriend of the victim, who goes by the name Bezo187, admits to reporting the 'Genie' rapper to police as Bezo denies that he snitches on his attacker.

AceShowbiz - An alleged victim of NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again claims to have been seriously injured after a reported assault earlier this month. The man, who goes by the name Bezo187 on Instagram, detailed his condition in the aftermath of the attack while denying allegations that he snitched on the Baton Rogue star.

"I ain't rat or talk," Bezo wrote on his Instagram Stories. "Who ever spoke to the police is somebody close to me I told or somebody close to them told what happen. That's why y'all favorite rapper ain't in jail. It's say investigation meaning they don't have s**t and trynna figure out what really happen which I ain't telling.

Bezo said he told doctor that his injuries were caused by a car accident. "and on top of that I told the doctor I was in a car wreck they stitched me up and sent me home," he insisted. While he was still conscious when he went to the hospital, Bezo allegedly went into a coma after he returned home and found himself in the hospital when he woke up five days later. "I died in my sleep under my 3 kids and my wife. I woke up 5 days later in the hospital," he recalled.

Bezo went on slamming TMZ for breaking the story of his alleged assault. "Somebody getting paid off TMZ it's always a muthaf**ker you think you can trust gone try to make it bout they self I even woke up to go fund me accounts with my faces on them," he ranted.

Not long after, however, a woman who claims to be Bezo's girlfriend came forward to confess that she's the one who reported YoungBoy to police. Confirming that her beau passed out for five days due to the beatdown, she wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post, "I GAVE THE STATEMENT ! I DONT GAF !"

"MY N***A WAS DEAD FOR 5 days !! I BEEN GAVE THE STATEMENT THE DAY MY DUDE WENT INTO A F**KIN COMA," she boldly admitted. "YALL REALLY BE ON D**K HARD LIKE A MF ! ION GAF ! If I coulda went out and slung that b***h for my dude I definitely would have but guess what I can't , SO THEM B***HES GOTTA PAY IDGAF F**K YALL FAVORITE RAPPER."

YoungBoy is accused of beating a man in the garage of a recording studio in Katy, Texas on October 5 after the man arrived at the studio with his girlfriend to work with the "Valuable Pain" spitter. The man was told that no woman was allowed in the studio, so he sent her home.

After the woman left, YoungBoy and his crew allegedly put a bag over the man's head and proceeded to kick, punch and pistol-whip him. The victim caught a glimpse of YoungBoy when the bag was taken off his head.

The 21-year-old rapper only stopped the violence after he FaceTimed his manager, who told him to release the man because he didn't need to wrap himself up in any more legal trouble. The man was then dropped off in front of his house, at which point his mother and girlfriend decided to drive him to the hospital.

Contrary to his new claims, it was reported that the alleged victim suffered cuts and abrasions on his face and legs, but no life-threatening injuries.

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