A$AP Ferg Denies Being Kicked Out of A$AP Mob

During an interview, the hip-hop star alludes that he can't be kicked out of the group because he is one of the founding members, adding, 'Once you're in the Mob, you can't get out.'

AceShowbiz - No, A$AP Ferg is not leaving A$AP Mob. Just one month after A$AP Illz, one of the founding members of the hip-hop crew, announced that Ferg was no longer a part of the hip-hop crew, the latter assured during a new interview that he would never leave A$AP Mob.

During a recent interview with Genius, Ferg alluded that he couldn't be kicked out of the group because he was one of the founding members. "That could go without being said. You can't kick me out of something I helped build," he said. "I brought millions and millions of dollars and fed families through my voice and my ideas … I bring equity into the brand. I mean, that's like the carpenter. You can't kick the carpenter out and expect for the house to have a roof."

He also pointed out that one would never be able to leave the crew once they join. "I don't think there's no breaking up of the Mob. It's like, once you're in the Mob, you can't get out," he explained. "This is blood in, blood out ... The different families, they war with each other and s**t, because one mob member leave and then they build they own s**t and then it becomes a thing. But you can never get out of the mob. So that's not even a thing."

Back in September, Illz claimed on his Instagram account that Ferg got kicked out of A$AP Mob due to his music. "Ferg aint ASAP NO MORE. sorry guys. that n***a burnt out, songs dumb trash. mr anthem can't get right," he said, alluding that they had a fallout. "They Been calling me The Golden Child for years now and it's not for no reason…..I been him. Damn right I ain't no yes man but you n****s don't respect that s**t. y'all rather have a n***a who's not even half way on my level around just cause he a Yes man and do Whatever you want at the snap of your fingers sit goofy."

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