The President of the United States announces he was officially declared coronavirus-free by his doctors before boarding Air Force One and heading to a rally in Florida.

AceShowbiz - U.S. president Donald Trump has tested negative for Covid-19 after battling the virus in hospital earlier this month (Oct20)

The POTUS was struck down with the virus at the beginning of the month, and was treated in hospital for his symptoms. He attracted controversy as he was seen removing his mask as soon as he got back to the White House, but now has said that he no longer has the virus.

Trump revealed he'd tested negative as he boarded Air Force One heading to a rally in Sanford, Florida, with his press secretary sharing a memo from his physician stating that he'd test negative on consecutive days - with the results coming from a series of lab tests that indicated a "lack of detectable viral replication."

The results have "informed our medical team's assessment that the President is not infectious to others," the memo concluded.

As he attended the rally in Florida, in front of a crowd of thousands - few of whom were wearing face masks - Trump addressed them as he himself went mask-free, saying, "They say I'm immune - I feel so powerful. I'll walk in there and kiss everyone. I'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, I'll give you a big, fat kiss."

Trump will hit Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina later in the week on the campaign trail.

Donald Trump and wife Melania tested positive for Covid-19 following the Rose Garden Ceremony in the White House to announce Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Nominee after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.

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