'NCIS: New Orleans' Actors Sue CBS, Claim They Almost Die in Robbery Scene

In their lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles, two actors and a jewelry store owner allege that they almost got killed during the scene when real cops came in the filming set with real guns.

AceShowbiz - CBS has been sued by two actors, who acted as robbers who pulled off a jewelry heist for an episode of "NCIS: New Orleans". In their lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles, they claimed that they almost got killed when real cops came in the filming set with real guns.

TMZ reported the jewelry store's real-life owner also sued the network. It was said that the plaintiff accused CBS of misleading them into a "guerrilla-style" scene. The scene saw them robbing the store while armed in broad daylight.

The problem arose as CBS allegedly didn't acquire the proper permits to film. The local police also weren't informed in an advance notice about the filming.

In the documents, the trio claimed that the show's producers approached them in October 2017 about the scene. The producers also allegedly told them that the whole thing was actually normal television shoot.

They filmed the robbery scene "in the middle of a busy New Orleans shopping center." The actors came in after getting off from an unmarked van while donning ski masks, and carrying realistic assault rifles. They shouted, "This is a robbery!" Unaware that it was for filming, the owner of a store next to the jewelry retailer called 911.

Cops arrived at the store in no time and they allegedly pointed their actual weapons at the actors. The performers claimed that they're traumatized by the event and that it resulted in emotional stress. The three are seeking damages.

CBS, meanwhile, is said to be trying to get the case dismissed in California court. Its legal team argued that the plaintiffs should file the case in Lousiana because the event occurred there. However, the trio's lawyer claimed that California is the appropriate venue for the case because CBS, which produces the show, is located in Los Angeles.

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