The former 'Glee' actor is facing backlash online as he is called manipulative after he apologizes to ex-wife while making a string of allegations of his own.

AceShowbiz - Melissa Benoist's fans are supporting the actress after her ex-husband Blake Jenner addressed her allegations of domestic abuse.

The 28-year-old "Supergirl" star previously revealed that she's a survivor of domestic abuse, which she suffered at the hands of a younger partner. In an open letter on his Instagram account, Blake took "full responsibility and accountability for the hurt that" he inflicted - before sharing a string of allegations of his own.

Admitting that he spent the past 11 months trying to figure out how to respond to Melissa's claims, he apologised but went on to allege she forced him to pass on "numerous jobs and opportunities" because of "jealousy of prospective female co-stars," adding, "I was discouraged from and threatened to not develop relationships with and take photos with female co-stars at professional events (sic)."

While he claimed the "Glee" actress made "threats and derogatory comments" about his female co-stars and threatened to "self-harm out of depression and a deep-seated fear of abandonment" - which, in turn, left him "isolated" - fans began the #IStandWithMelissa campaign and accused Blake of "victim blaming."

"Blake Jenner waited over a year to make a statement only to victim blame Melissa Benoist and make himself look like the real victim? And only a few weeks after she welcomed her newborn?" one wrote. "His manipulative and victim blaming 'apology' means nothing. #IStandWithMelissa."

Another fan said, "It's important to support Melissa now more than ever, with her abuser doing what abusers do best - trying to manipulate and pull sympathy. 6 months later, when he thinks people will have forgotten her initial words. F**k him. Believe survivors #istandwithmelissa."

"Y'all better support Melissa extra f**king hard now because you know there's gonna be men who want to sympathize with B*ake and villainize Mel," insisted another social media user while a fourth added, "Domestic violence survivors deserve better than having their brave voices be drowned by the abusers' cheap sympathy gain stunt."

Melissa has yet to publicly respond to Blake's allegations.

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