Jacob Elordi Came Close to Hanging Up Hollywood Dream Before Landing 'The Kissing Booth' Role

'2 Hearts' director Lance Hool reveals that the Australian actor made a pact with his parents to fly back home if the allowance they gave him to pursue acting ever dwindled to $200.

AceShowbiz - "The Kissing Booth" star Jacob Elordi came very close to packing up his Hollywood dreams and heading home to Australia after almost running out of cash.

Lance Hool, the director of his new movie "2 Hearts", reveals the young star's parents paid for his return airfare and gave him an allowance, adding the rule if the cash ever dwindled to $200 (£155), he had to fly home.

The filmmaker offered to put him up while they were developing the film, so he could stay, but Elordi landed "The Kissing Booth" and never looked back.

"I invited Jacob to lunch and found out a little bit more about him," Hool tells WENN. "One of the things that struck me that was pretty unique was his parents have really endorsed his desire to become an actor. To the point where they paid for a round-trip ticket from Brisbane to Hollywood and made him promise that when he got down to $200, if nothing had happened for him he would go back."

"I asked him, 'Where are you with the money?' He said, 'Well, I was getting pretty close!' I offered him to stay at my house and to wait me out because we still had five or six months to put the whole thing together. When I came back from scouting locations, and we were down to selecting from the five actresses, we called Jacob and he came in and was obviously the guy.

"We had lunch again and I said, 'Jacob, you never called and took me up on my offer', and he said, 'Well, I got lucky and did this little movie and I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out'. It turned out to be The Kissing Booth which was very, very well received."

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