Iron Maiden Forced to Return to Studio Due to Pandemic

Bruce Dickinson and his rock bandmates are pushed back into the recording booth as their tour is canceled because of the ongoing global coronavirus crisis.

AceShowbiz - Iron Maiden rocker Bruce Dickinson has returned to the studio as the group remains unable to tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The legendary metal group was forced to cancel plans to tour this year (20) due to the coronavirus crisis and, in a new YouTube video, Bruce reveals that he and bassist Steve Harris have been working on new material.

"We've all had a bit of a torrid time - everybody in the whole world, Maiden included," he said. "We wanna be out on tour. A lot of things haven't happened this year - that's blindingly obvious - and it's very, very frustrating."

"In the meantime, what are we doing? Well, we're doing bits of writing," he said. "I'm talking to Steve (Harris, bass player). We've been working together a little bit in the studio. On what, I can't tell you, 'cause they'd have to kill me."

He also said that the rockers are looking after their crew's livelihood despite being unable to perform.

"All our crew are all on board with us," he added. "Obviously, after the cancellation of the shows and rescheduling of the shows this year, all of our lives were cancelled. The killer crew is still on board for when we resume normal service next year, whenever that is."

"In the meantime, we're all still here, we're all still gagging and raring to go. We are not going away. We are solid, and there's gonna be some great stuff happening in the near future."

Iron Maiden released their last studio collection, "The Book of Souls", back in 2015, and will debut a new live record, "Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City", on 20 November (20).

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