Ron Howard Criticized for Directing Lang Lang Biopic

The 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' director is facing backlash from Chinese filmmaker Lulu Wang as he is signed on for the upcoming movie about Chinese famous pianist.

AceShowbiz - "The Farewell" filmmaker Lulu Wang fears Ron Howard lacks the cultural knowledge to make a movie about her fellow Chinese national Lang Lang.

Howard confirmed he would be directing the film about the classical pianist earlier this week (beg21Sep20), but Wang isn't convinced the "Apollo 13" moviemaker is the right person for the job.

"As a classically-trained pianist born in China, I believe it's impossible to tell Lang Lang's story without an intimate understanding of Chinese culture + the impact of the Cultural Revolution on artists & intellectuals + the effects of Western imperialism. Just saying," Wang tweeted.

"I'm not saying this because I want to direct this movie. I do not. I just don't think these are the artists to grapple w/ (with) the cultural specificities of Northeast China where Lang Lang (and my family) are from. Or w/ the cultural aspect of the physical violence in his upbringing."

The director added, "Have we learned NOTHING from Mulan?" - referencing critics' claims that Chinese history has been whitewashed to appeal to Disney audiences. "I haven't said anything because yes representation and many people I love are involved, but I just have to. Just HAVE to. Because 2020 man... and I'm f**king exhausted."

It has been discovered that portions of "Mulan" were filmed in the Xinjiang province of China, where Uighur Muslims have been detained in mass internment camps.

Howard's new film, "Journey of a Thousand Miles", focuses on pianist Lang Lang's early life in China to his success as one of the most famous classical musicians in the world.

He will executive produce Howard's biopic and seems to like the choice of director, stating, "Dream big, work hard, and always believe in yourself. This movie, thanks to Ron Howard's vision, will inspire young people around the world to follow their dreams and never forget they are one in a million."

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