Celina Powell Brags About Getting $7K Worth of Butt Injections

Even though the self-proclaimed thot is very proud of her cosmetic procedure, a number of online users are feeling the exact opposite as they start bashing her.

AceShowbiz - Some people in the Hollywood industry usually hide the fact that they get themselves a plastic surgery, but Celina Powell is not among them. Instead of hiding it, the self-proclaimed thot bragged about getting butt injections as seen through her Tuesday, September 22 update on Instagram Stories.

Not only being honest about her cosmetic procedure, but she also bragged about the amount of money she spent to enhance her body. Posting a video of injections she was about to take, Celina wrote in the caption, "7k worth of butt injections…"

Even though Celina was proud of the procedure she took, online users were feeling the exact opposite. Not a few started to bash the social media star, with one saying, "I'm sorry but this level of insecurity needs to be addressed and not Romanticized, it's sad asf." One other wrote, "People do know these can kill you right. just love what you have."

Some others mocked her by saying that Celina needs $7,000 worth of brain cells instead of butt injections, while an individual commented, "Our homeless population is through the roof but people have 7k to get butt injections during a 'pandemic' oh goodness." There was also one person who weighed in, "Thats a lot of $ spent on looking a mess like she does."

Celina has always been open about her plastic surgeries that included a breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. Earlier this year, she opened up about getting a boob implant during an Instagram Live session with her followers. "The natural body is over with. This is the only thing real on me left," she said at the time. "I'm getting them done. Bye little titties." She then gave fans a look at what her boobs would look like after the surgery.

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