'90 Day Fiance' Star Kalani Kicks Out Asuelu Because He Keeps Going Out During Pandemic

However, Asuelu Pulaa doesn't think what he does is wrong as he points out that his wife is 'overreacting' about him breaking social distancing rules amid pandemic.

AceShowbiz - During this pandemic era, people all around the world are asked to stay inside as much as possible to prevent COVID-19 from spreading even further. "90 Day Fiance" star Kalaani Fagata has done her best to follow the health protocols, but her husband Asuelu Pulaa is not doing the same so she has decided to take a drastic measure.

In the Sunday, September 20 episode of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?", Kalani said that she and Asuelu had been "fighting a lot" because he kept going out with his friends and lied about where he was going during the pandemic. In the end, Kalani had enough of him as she felt the need to protect her kids.

"I'm done with it. I need to protect my kids," she said. "I can't keep letting him do whatever the hell he wants, and I'm not going to just let him back in the house with the babies." Kalani then elaborated, "We got into a big fight last night and I told him that I think it would be best if he would just go to his mom's. I booked a one-way ticket for him."

Meanwhile, Asuelu did not think that he did something bad while pointing out that Kalani was simply "overreacting" about him breaking social distancing rules amid pandemic. "I don't want to go away and that's really hard for me to accept," he said.

Fans sided with Kalaani over this issue. "Asuelu is seriously in these streets playing around with Ms. Rona? Oh no his a** gotta go, good for you Kalani sis," someone said. "Kalani didn't overreact. Asuelu doesn't understand the pandemic," another commented. "In Kalani's defense, I'm borderline OCD before COVID19 so once it hit, I quarantined and listened to the experts. I would've kicked Asuelu out too if only for being irresponsible and exposing himself and his family to the virus," one other echoed.

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