The reggaeton star says taking aim at the opposite sex in music is off-limits for him as he refuses to follow the growing trend in the industry because women are his inspirations.

AceShowbiz - Ozuna is "really careful" not to write music that offends women.

The 28-year-old singer has enjoyed huge success with songs such as "Criminal", "Caramelo", and "Mamacita" - and is considered one of the biggest stars of the reggaeton genre.

But one thing he'll never do is take aim at the opposite sex in his tunes, despite growing up on urban tunes in which slamming women was the norm.

"Today, there is no room to offend women in music in general," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "It's a different time. Maybe I see it in other songs that aren't mine, but I'm really careful about that. I mind my own business. I'm me. I know the urban genre is huge, and there's a lot to take in, but I'm taking care of my part. I don't agree with talking bad about women."

"There are some playful, spicy things that we all like, but in a matter of tarnishing women, that's not allowed on my record label. In fact, in the most successful songs I've ever had, women were my inspiration."

As for what else inspires his songs, Ozuna explained that he bases his tunes on "situations," adding, "Sometimes we complicate ourselves by looking for things and exaggerating. It must sound differently. I can't tell you 'this is the trick', but kids, women, and older people like it. And I think that's the result of how we do things, from the heart."

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