The 'Suicide Squad' actor says he was struggling to deal with 'too real' torture scenes with childhood pal Noomi Rapace for their upcoming movie 'The Secrets We Keep'.

AceShowbiz - Joel Kinnaman felt "violated" as he filmed new movie "The Secrets We Keep" with childhood pal Noomi Rapace, because director Yuval Adler wanted torture scenes to look as real as possible.

The "Suicide Squad" star jumped at the chance to reteam with his high school friend and initially signed on to play her husband in the film, but when that role went to Chris Messina, Adler asked him to play the man who Noomi's character kidnaps, believing he's the Nazi who raped her during World War Two.

Kinnaman admits the role was the most difficult he has ever played.

"I had the physical experience of being violated, of being abused for up to 16 hours a day," he tells WENN. "I took that home with me every night."

"Yuval wanted everything as real as possible, so the gag had to dig into my mouth. The ropes had to be tied a certain way. Looking back, I agree with all of his decisions, but sitting there while he was telling them to tie me tighter was difficult. It was exhausting, and I got angry sometimes. But as soon as it was over, I wanted to make another film with him."

"The Secrets We Keep" will be released in theaters on September 16 and available on demand on September 20.

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