The Grammy-winning artist claims that she receives backlash over years-old comments that media make as if she and TLC teammate Chilli is dissing the 'Umbrella' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - T-Boz has opened up about being a victim of cyber-bullying which hugely affected her and her family's life. During her appearance in a recent episode of Tai Savetsila's "All Tai'd Up" podcast, the Grammy-winning artist recalled when she was under public criticism over a misunderstanding involving Rihanna.

She talked about the backlash she received over years-old comments that media made as if she was dissing the "Umbrella" hitmaker. T-Boz claimed that the criticism also came in the form of threatening message for her daughter.

"I remember somebody told my daughter to shoot herself in the head," she said. "This was over something--people had thought I said something about Rihanna, and I didn't ... Some kid asked a question and I answered it."

The said question, which was asked to her during a 2014 appearance on "Sunrise Australia" with fellow TLC member Chilli, was about artists who feel pressured to sexualize themselves because they believe it is one way to succeed. In the new interview, T-Boz shared that in response to the question, she said, "We're living proof. I don't have anything against anybody who shows off their bodies or whatever. Bodies are beautiful ... if you have it, show it. That's your thing."

However, a narrator of "Sunrise Australia" made it seem like T-Boz and Chilli "slammed" up-and-coming artists "who use sex to sell music." It was also alluded that they specifically shaded Rihanna, though they didn't even mention her name.

"I said, 'The more you show your body.' And when I did 'you,' they put Rihanna's picture up. So it was the press being messy," T-Boz said. "... Her Navy went crazy."

"[Rihanna fans] were like, 'Instead of telling Rihanna what to do, you should've told Left Eye to wear her seatbelt,' " T-Boz continued to recall. "... They were going there. Oh, 'I hope you die from sickle cell.' ... I don't allow my fans to do that on my behalf, and if they do, I say something.' "

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