The Weeknd Hopes to Create a Whole Album for Female Artist

The 'Blinding Lights' hitmaker makes the admission in a new interview as he addresses his misogynistic past lyrics, stressing that he never intended to offend anybody.

AceShowbiz - The Weeknd is keen to write a whole album for a female artist to balance out his misogynistic past lyrics.

The Canadian star admits he often writes for a character he has created and his alter egos are not always politically correct, good guys.

"When you hear some of the drastic stuff... it is me singing the words; it is my writing," the "Blinding Lights" singer tells Esquire.

"It's like you want people to feel a certain way. You want them to feel angry. You want them to feel sad. You want them to feel. It's never, like, my intent to offend anybody. I'm a writer. Sometimes I write a song and it's not in my head. I'm writing it for someone else, but then I end up singing it."

And now he's hoping to show off the full range of his lyrical talents by creating songs from a female perspective.

"I want to write a whole album for a female artist," he adds. "I have a whole vision of The Weeknd."

In the meantime, The Weeknd has teamed up with DJ Calvin Harris for a new single, "Over Now", which drops on Friday, August 28.

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