Megan Fox Fires Back as She's Slut-Shamed for Dating Machine Gun Kelly

The 'Transformers' actress is frustrated by the misogynistic comments directed at her after her romance with MGK was revealed following her split from Brian Austin Green.

AceShowbiz - Actress Megan Fox finds it "crazy" how easily her critics have labelled her a slut for moving on from her broken marriage with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The "Transformers" beauty separated from fellow actor Brian Austin Green, the father of her three boys, earlier this year (20), but the break-up confirmation only emerged in May (20), and days later, Fox was revealed to have embarked on a new relationship with Kelly.

The timing appeared to irk a number of misogynistic social media users, who have had no trouble attacking the 34 year old's character simply for choosing not to dwell on the marriage split.

"For whatever reason, people are very trigger happy to call me stupid or call me vain or call me a slut, which is crazy. I was in the same relationship for 15 years, you know?" Fox told Entertainment Tonight of her long-term romance with Green.

"It's bizarre, this image that gets projected onto me that people have just accepted and that's lived for over a decade, and that I never really did anything to earn in the first place."

For the most part, Fox has managed to block out the negativity and instead focus on the things she can control during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has proved to be a tough time for the actress.

"My life changed so much during the quarantine. It's crazy," she shared. "I'm not somebody who's ever done well with authority or being restricted by authority, so this has been really challenging for me. It's taught me a lot of patience, honestly, and I had to surrender."

"This is something I can't fight," she added. "I had to surrender to it and trust that the universe is carrying me."

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