Sarah Jessica Parker Defends Herself After Being Called 'Pretentious' Over Movie Quote

The 'Sex and the City' actress hits back at a disgruntled online follower who labeled her 'pretentious' for quoting a classic movie in her Instagram caption.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Jessica Parker fired back at a troll on social media who called the star "pretentious" after she shared her impressive movie knowledge.

The actress, 55, was caught off guard after she shared a quote from 1979 movie "The In-Laws" on Instagram on Tuesday (18Aug20) while encouraging fans to follow social distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic.

,p> As she uploaded an image of a pavement which read, "MAINTAIN A SOCIAL DISTANCE," along with the caption, " 'Serpentine, serpentine!' 'The In-Laws' Thats what I do. With mask. X,SJ," she was slammed by one disgruntled fan.

"You are so pretentious," the troll wrote beneath the "Sex and the City" actress' snap.

Expressing her shock at the remark, she replied, "Why???? Come on!!!! Why???? Really? What's pretentious about a photo of a sidewalk? Can we not be more gentle? Ugh."

The fan later clarified they "didn't understand" the mum-of-three's film citation, explaining, "The photo of the sidewalk is not pretentious. Your comment is pretentious. I understand your (sic) an educated, literary artist. Not all of us are, and don't understand what you're saying."

Standing by her post, Sarah claimed her note, "doesn't qualify as pretentious," and aimed to bring some light relief amid the global Covid-19 pandemic.

"It would be nice not to instantly resort to using an adject that is seen as felt as negative or mean... That might not have been your intention but that is how it felt," the actress penned.

"And in these painful, heartbreaking, uncertain times a post about trying to keep each other healthy and safe seems undeserving of a response that is open to misunderstanding. Goodnight all. Got to get up early for work. X."

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