Sarah Jessica Parker Allows Daughters to Eat Sugar as Much as They Want

The 'Sex and the City' actress wants her children to have healthier relationship with food, as opposed to her own unpleasant experience growing up with a strict no-sugar rules.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role in "Sex and the City," has revealed her approach to food with her daughters, Tabitha and Marion, in contrast to her own childhood experience. Parker believes in fostering a healthy relationship with food for her children, ensuring they have access to treats without fostering an antagonistic view of it.

Growing up, Parker's household prohibited sugar, chocolate, and cookies, a restriction she found unsustainable and led to unhealthy cravings when she left home. To avoid this with her daughters, she encourages them to enjoy these foods in moderation, understanding that it promotes a more balanced approach.

Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, prioritize family dinners and home-cooked meals. They cook every day and eat together as a family every night, creating a positive dining environment. She believes that food should be a source of joy and connection, rather than a source of stress or negative associations.

"In our house, we have cookies, we have cake, we have everything," she said on the "Ruthie's Table 4" podcast. "I think as a result, you kind of have a healthier relationship, and my daughters will have the figures they have and hopefully they'll be healthy."

The actress emphasizes the importance of her daughters maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in physical activity. She recognizes that their bodies will change naturally, but her primary concern is their well-being and fostering a love for healthy eating habits.

Parker's perspective aligns with research suggesting that restrictive food environments can lead to disordered eating in adolescents. By providing her daughters with a variety of foods and a positive food environment, she aims to prevent unhealthy eating behaviors and promote a lifelong appreciation for food.

Her daughters are athletes who enjoy food and have different palates. Parker encourages them to appreciate the sensory experience of eating and hopes they can maintain their affection for taste and nourishment.

In addition to her family life, Parker shares her passion for food through her travels. She seeks out local cuisine and follows employees home to discover authentic dining spots. She believes that immersing oneself in different food cultures fosters a deep appreciation for the diversity and joy that food can bring.

For Parker, her journey towards a healthy relationship with food has shaped her approach as a parent. She acknowledges the importance of balance, indulgence, and family bonding to create a positive and sustainable food environment for her daughters.

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