The 'Hideaway' singer calls out her former collaborators for failing to reach out after she suffered from serious injuries following a car accident in 2017.

AceShowbiz - Kiesza has criticised stars she collaborated with before suffering major injuries in a car crash in 2017 for failing to reach out during her recovery.

The "Hideaway" hitmaker was badly injured while riding in an Uber vehicle in Toronto, Canada, leaving her bedbound and suffering from debilitating headaches and hallucinations, as well as not knowing if she would ever be herself or sing again.

Kiesza, who wrote songs for Rihanna and Kylie Minogue before the accident, as well as singing on tracks by Diplo and Duran Duran, has claimed she was shunned by some major stars when she was making her recovery.

"I won't say names, but a lot of big artists I worked with didn't even pick up the phone to see how I was," she tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

"I hung out with them all the time and I thought they were my friends, but they were only using me as a cool association and I was nothing to them as an injured person."

Vowing not to collaborate with those who failed to reach out, she adds, "Witnessing people who didn't even care was the saddest awakening moment of my life. But it doesn't matter - I won't work with them again."

Happily, Kiesza has now recovered and released her latest album "Crave" - to rave reviews - on Friday (14Aug20).

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